Para Empezar Description Project

This week in Honors Spanish II we have been working on describing people and saying things that they like to do. The goal for the week was that I was supposed to describe myself and others. I  was supposed to tell what I like to do in my free time. Lastly, I was supposed to tell what others like to do in their free time.

From doing many activities involving this I learned new vocabulary terms, and I learned how to put them into sentences.

I created a project that demonstrates my ability to use this content in Spanish.

Three Fictional Characters – Spanish Class


For this assignment that we were to do in Spanish class she told use to choose 3 fictional characters that describe us. In class we are learning to describe ourselves and other people in Spanish. This skill is important to learn because you have to describe what you are talking about, if you don’t describe then people could be thinking of something else then what you are talking about. I have chose Felicity Smoak to represent my intelligence and nerdy side. I also chose Sharpay Evens  because I like to sing, act ,and dance. Finally I chose Cinderella to represent my kind hearted side.

Yo soy inteligente,talentosa y amable. Me gusta jugar a los deportes,mirar Netflix y comer.


Vision is a way of seeing the world around you like the color, shape, or size of something. Vision is is to be able to see with your eyes, and to do so there has to be light to see.Therefore if there is no light then you will not be able of process what is in front of you. The light admins particles called photons which bounce off of objects and reaches to your eyes. To see things your eyes must have a transparent tissues that the light goes through. First the light goes through the cornea, then the lens behind the pupil, finally they reach the renea,which is the eyes photographic plate. Once the light goes through the renea they go through the nerve pulses. Then they go through the optic passageways, and arrive at the occipital brain where the image is formed.Therefore you are now able to see through your eyes.

Genius Hour


Image result for mbot

              In the past two weeks I have gotten the mbot in the mail from limeades for learning,and I have finished making the mbot. Making the mbot was lots of fun and easy because I had the instructions that were really precise. The next steps I will take towards finishing the project is programming the robot on my computer and my phone. I really haven’t messed with it that much,but I will be doing that in the next couple weeks,and once that is done then it will be fun time playing with it.

Genius Hour

In English class every Friday we have started Genius Hour which is a PBL (project based learning) that you create yourself. I have always wanted to make a robot because I am really crafty and I am always looking for new way to create things , so why not make it into a project. After doing a little research on youtube and on the internet I saw the perfect robot that is for kids to make and program. I started to search more about the robot and turns out my Nonnie had put it on limeades for learning, so I will be using the robot until I am finished with my Genius Hour Project then give it back to the elementary school for the GT students. Right now I am in the process of typing in the tickets from sonic to get the mbots, so if you have some limeades for learning tickets go and vote vote vote!


Ecosystem at School


In our lab we observed and described how different environments like microhabitats  in school yards support different varieties of organisms. In our microhabitats we observed wild onion growing. There were lots of insects too including;snails,rolly poly’s, spiders,slugs,and worms. We also observed grass,moss,gumballs,and dirt. Our area was by a creek that why there were lots of moss and good green grass. It was on a hill too with trees, and that’s why the were lots of gumballs and erosion. In this project I learned that a lot of organisms can be in different microhabitats.